Health and Fitness are my passions!

Whether you need a help with your nutrition, triathlon coaching, swim technique lessons or a strength and condition program. I want to help YOU accomplish your goals!


  • B.S. in Nutritional Sciences/Dietetics from University of Arizona
  • USA Masters Level 1&2 Coaching Certified
  • USA Triathlon Level 1 Certified

Triathlon Coaching

Certified by USA Triathlon as a Level 1 Coach! I have 5 years experience racing triathlon and 3 of them professionally. My first race was in 2010 (so yes I still remember those first race butterflies! ) and I qualified for my pro card the weekend of my 21st Birthday in 2012. My first season … Continue reading Triathlon Coaching

Nutrition Consulting

A personalized plan for your optimal healthy lifestyle! With Z.A.G. health consulting the goal is to find a nutrition plan that works best for you! Not an article your neighbor found in some magazine, but a custom nutrition plan that can help you work towards acheiving your fitness and health goals. May that be losing … Continue reading Nutrition Consulting

One thought on “Coaching

  1. Paul says:

    Good day from South Africa,

    I’ve read through your blogs and was hoping that you can maybe help me with some training tips regarding tri’s?

    I am a mountain biker who recently took up tri but don’t really have a program to follow. I basically have 3 mornings a week and about 5 afternoons a week to train Monday to Friday and then Saturdays and Sundays long days if required. I can go for a swim but never really know what to do whilst swimming and end up pacing up and down in the pool. I am a pretty strong run and cyclist but noticed my cycling has gone down since I started mixing it up.

    I would appreciate if you can contact me.

    Thank you


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