Nutrition Consulting

A personalized plan for your optimal healthy lifestyle!

With Z.A.G. health consulting the goal is to find a nutrition plan that works best for you! Not an article your neighbor found in some magazine, but a custom nutrition plan that can help you work towards acheiving your fitness and health goals. May that be losing weight, competing at the top of your field, or just a desire to feel better, I can help you get there!


Recently graduated from the University of Arizona with a B.S. in Nutritional Sciences with an emphasis in Dietetics, I earned many Dean’s list awards and excelled in all of my nutrition and science related courses. Nutrition has always been a passion of mine and as a life long athlete and current professional triathlete I understand the important correlation between nutrition and performance. Throughout my athletic career I have experimented with many different “diets” only to find that the most effective was not a diet at all but a lifestyle. Nutrition is personal for everyone. For me I emphasize whole unprocessed foods, maximizing nutrient timing, and above all moderation, because everyone’s diet has room for dark chocolate.

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