About Me

I am a Professional Triathlete and Owner of Z.A.G. Health Consulting, LLC. offering Triathlon Coaching, Nutrition Consulting and Strength and Conditioning Programs

Athlete for life is my motto. I have done ballet, tap, gymnastics, softball, basketball, water polo, skiing, snowboarding, surfing, I’ve tried it all. I started my swim career in 5th grade and began running cross-country and track in junior high. I continued with both through high school and aided my cross-country team to state 2 years, with a championship win, and my State Championship winning swim team 3 years. My coaches tried their best to lure me towards one or the other, but I loved both. I had always wanted to try triathlons and I got involved my freshman year at University of Arizona. My first ever triathlon was in March of 2010 at Lake Havasu, AZ. On the bike course I heard “on the left” more times than I could count, but I smiled the entire race. I was so excited because I knew that once I finished I could finally call myself a triathlete. I crossed that finish line and haven’t stopped since.

Be sure to check out the Health Coaching services I offer!

For me triathlon is not just a sport, it’s a way of life.


3 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    You are awesome girl..wish I had a 10th of your drive and talent……makes my pitiful attempt at exercise seem like a walk to the bathroom for you……….can’t wait to hear more about future races…….

    Mary Ann

  2. Marcie Anderson says:

    I think you “liked” my triathlon cover shot on IG. (bhairavimata). I wanted to reach out and let you know what I do and maybe how I could help some of your clients. I work with healing heartbreak, fear, anxiety, and things along those lines. Those “blocks” can affect not only that person’s life, but his/her competitive nature, etc. If you ever run into a challenge in training a client, along these lines, please reach out and let me know how I can help. Keep up the amazing work! Hats off to you… 🙂

    +1 (707) 354.3642

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