For the fishes

Hey kids! I finally updated this bad girl, and while there are still a few things to be done I think it looks pretty spiffy! Don’t you agree?

Alright well in celebration I thought I would share a swim workout with you since running and cycling are not really on the table for outdoors anymore. It’s about 21 degrees out in Park City which means I have officially begun my indoor training for the season. I know some of you are hardcore and can run/cycle in that like nobody’s business, but I am a little more of a wimp. Okay here goes, enjoy!

This is a great test set to see where you are currently in your swim fitness and also set a benchmark for testing later!

Warm up:   3x 300 (swim, kick, pull)

Main Set:    8×50 25 drill/ 25 swim with 15″ rest

12×25 variable* with 10″ rest

3x`100 all out, 30″ rest, record times

100 easy with 1:00 rest

2×100 all out, 30″ rest, record times

100 easy with 1:00 rest

1×100 all out, record times

Cool down:  200 easy

*Variable is a pattern whatever the distance is you will swim half fast the other half easy, the next one is half easy last half fast, the third is all easy, and the last is all fast. It would look like this:

4×50 variable

  1. 25 fast/25 easy
  2. 25 easy/25 fast
  3. 50 easy
  4. 50 fast


If you have any question or are interested in finding a coach and getting some solid off season training for a successful 2017, email me!

Happy swimming my little fishes!


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