Last weekend I went up to Washington with my team to participate in the Monroe EDR race. EDR stands for Elie Development race and is an opportunity for athletes to practice racing in a draft legal format. As always, anywhere I go with my team is a great time! I'm pretty sure that I laughed … Continue reading Washington


To be a family does not mean that you have to be blood related. Friends are the family you choose and here in Utah I am so blessed to have such a big happy family. I call my Balanced Art Multisport team my BAM fam often and it really describes the dynamic of our group. … Continue reading Family

Princess of Salem

This past weekend I raced down in Salem, UT with my whole BAM fam and a huge group of SLTC members! It was so much fun to be able to race with my coach and teammates. I won female overall and set a new female course record by about 7 minutes! To make it even … Continue reading Princess of Salem

Lucky No. 7

So it's pouring rain right now and while normally I love running in the rain, I decided to stay dry and use the time to update you all on the first half of my season!! Last Sunday I raced my 7th race of the 2014 season, the Memphis in May Triathlon (technically in Tunica, MS). … Continue reading Lucky No. 7

And so it begins…

The past two weekends I was down in Florida racing with my team Balanced Art Multisport. We lovingly refer to ourselves as the BAM fam, because we really are a family. I spend so much time with these amazing people who encourage and believe in me. I feel so lucky to have such an awesomely … Continue reading And so it begins…