Attitude is Everything

WARNING!! It's a long one! Lot's of pictures at the end though šŸ™‚ This past week has been quite a learning experience for me. I did something pretty stupid. After my race last Saturday in Layton, UT where I took first overall female and third overall. I guess I felt invincible and even though I … Continue reading Attitude is Everything

And so it begins…

The past two weekends I was down in Florida racing with my team Balanced Art Multisport. We lovingly refer to ourselves as the BAM fam, because we really are a family. I spend so much time with these amazing people who encourage and believe in me. I feel so lucky to have such an awesomely … Continue reading And so it begins…


When you first type the word "grateful" into a Google search this is what comes up: grateĀ·ful/Ėˆgrātfəl/ Adjective: Feeling or showing an appreciation of kindness; thankful. Synonyms: thankful - appreciative - beholden It's been a good week since Thanksgiving, but after reading countless facebook statuses on the subject I decided to take a little longer … Continue reading grateĀ·ful

Role Models

Role models. We all have at least one. It may be a family member, neighbor, teacher, coach or someone who has already achieved a goal that we one day aspire to accomplish also. A role model is simply someone who inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. This past week I was lucky … Continue reading Role Models


After Marquee Triathlon two weeks ago, I was bummed to say the least. I tried to keep a positive outlook and take it as a lesson in how to stay composed when things do not go as planned. However, whether or not I wanted to admit it, Marquee hurt my confidence in my abilities, and … Continue reading Redemption