Start at the USAT Duathlon National Championships 2012

After Marquee Triathlon two weeks ago, I was bummed to say the least. I tried to keep a positive outlook and take it as a lesson in how to stay composed when things do not go as planned. However, whether or not I wanted to admit it, Marquee hurt my confidence in my abilities, and I needed to prove to myself that my hard work really was paying off. I needed redemption.

I found it on Saturday at the USAT Duathlon National Championships. This race was kind of a blur, the horn went off and then I was crossing the finish line. Now I guess that’s not completely true, I do remember a few thoughts from the race, they were: Go faster, Push yourself harder, and Pass the girl in front of you. I must have done a good job listening to myself because I placed first in my age group as the Duathlon National Champion for 20-24 and was the 10th female overall. The women who placed ahead of me had incredible races, and reminded me just how intense I have to keep training.

Becoming an elite athlete is a process, not an event. It’s something that must be practiced each and every day, I will never wake up one morning and just BE fast. Performing well when it counts is the culmination of being consistently consistent. That is why a race like this is not only the reward for hard work, but also the black and white proof of continuous dedication.

Duathlon Nationals was a fun race with a lot of friendly faces, thank you to all those fabulous ladies out there encouraging me at every bike and run turn around. You don’t know how much those “Go get her’s” helped. Shout out to Briana and Scott for going to awards with me, and thank you also to my sponsor for my sweet racing kit!

After a solid start to my 2012 season, it’s time to focus on finals, moving apartments, and getting back to Utah for some awesome summer training in a slightly cooler climate.

Countdown for Toyota Cup race- Capital of Texas Triathlon in Austin, TX begins!! …27 days, gotta make them count!

4 thoughts on “Redemption

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    Once again excellent performance…the ladies that placed ahead of you I am sure have a longer history of competing at this pro level…..I know you have not hit your prime yet and have even faster times in store for you……put you are so right it is a process…….keeping you in my thoughts as you travel this journey you have chosen for yourself…………GO TEAM ZARA

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