Consider This

“I could never do a triathlon.” It is unbelievable how often people tell me this when they find out what I do. My response is always to ask these three questions: can you float, can you ride a bike, and can you walk? Then you can do a triathlon. ...then they ask me what kind … Continue reading Consider This

Role Models

Role models. We all have at least one. It may be a family member, neighbor, teacher, coach or someone who has already achieved a goal that we one day aspire to accomplish also. A role model is simply someone who inspires us to be the best version of ourselves. This past week I was lucky … Continue reading Role Models


Fierce is exactly what I want to be, strong, fast, beautiful and unstoppable. Fierce means pushing past your comfort zone. It means doing things that other people can't or won't because they are unmotivated or unwilling. Fierce means putting your 100% into everything you do. It's getting as close to perfection as possible, but it … Continue reading Fierce