Fierce is exactly what I want to be, strong, fast, beautiful and unstoppable. Fierce means pushing past your comfort zone. It means doing things that other people can’t or won’t because they are unmotivated or unwilling. Fierce means putting your 100% into everything you do. It’s getting as close to perfection as possible, but it also means being strong enough to bring others up with you. It means loyalty to your self, your values, beliefs and your family.

A truly fierce person does not let anyone get in the way of her and her goals. That includes not getting in the way of yourself. In the end you will always be your greatest ally and your greatest enemy, because when it comes down to it, out there on the race course, it’s just you. All the training has been done, you have been consistent and efficient. The strength and ability are there. So now the question is…at that crucial moment are you going to back down? No. You are fierce and you will endure, because defeat does not exist in your world. Challenges make you stronger, fuels your determination, your passion, your fire. You are fierce, you are unstoppable and you will win. You will succeed because you want it and you aren’t afraid to work for it.

Obstacles become insurmountable, only when you stop trying to overcome them.


5 thoughts on “Fierce

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    So very true…I know for a fact that I am my worst enemy or should say harshest critic…..but also know thata nothing is impossible….once told my left leg would be useless…I was 13 years old…they wanted to amputate….I refused…they told me I would never walk without braces and crutches……………..I said watch me……………to make a long story short not only did I walk without braces and crutches I went on to dance………not only dance but win ballroom dance championships on an amature level……………….we are truly only limited by limitations we creat ourselves………….fo from one fierce girl to another….you rock……………

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