Time to Recover

I had started a post after my last race in Dallas with the intention to deliver a full race report, but I never finished it, and probably would not be able to give a very exciting or accurate recall of race day. What I can tell you is that it was freezing! Air temp was … Continue reading Time to Recover

All about the bike…or is it?

This is post #3 for my English Class! I mean if I have to write them anyways it would be silly not to share them with all of you too! Okay so I know that triathlon still sounds like a foreign country to most of you. The vast quantity and kinds of bikes out there … Continue reading All about the bike…or is it?

Back to basics.

Lately I have been stressing out, about school, triathlon, and my future, among other things. I have felt it affect my mental when training, as I force myself to shut off the worry part of my brain so I can just focus on getting the workout done. Last night I decided I needed to remind … Continue reading Back to basics.

It’s here!

THANK YOU ZOOLENDER.COM! It's a good thing my roommate wasn't home when I opened this box, because I saw pink, black, spandex and screamed! (I wish I was kidding.) I have a bike to break down, a physio test to study for and a room to find, but I just had to try on all … Continue reading It’s here!