Back to basics.

Lately I have been stressing out, about school, triathlon, and my future, among other things. I have felt it affect my mental when training, as I force myself to shut off the worry part of my brain so I can just focus on getting the workout done. Last night I decided I needed to remind myself the real reason that I love being an athlete.

I waited till dusk. I grabbed my shoes, a simple stopwatch, and my music. Then, I just ran. It was absolutely incredible, the sun was setting and the clouds were painted pink and orange against a twilight sky, the  temperature was perfect and there was a cool breeze dancing along beside me. No worries, no stress, no problems, I ran away from it all. Aware only of the steady rhythm of my breathing as my feet skimmed along the pavement, I fell into the comfortable effortless form that feels like flying.

Oh yeah. That’s why I do this. I had missed the simplicity of doing what I loved, being present in the moment and enjoying being strong, healthy, and happy to move. It is so easy to forget the reason why we do things, that’s why sometime you have to go back to the basics, it’s not always about heart rate data or pace, sometimes its just about feeling alive.


4 days till USAT Duathlon National Championships

2 thoughts on “Back to basics.

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    That is what I call my Zen moments… are wise to seek them out and lucky to be able to find them……they are what keep us sane and able to give to others and perform at our best……you are indeed a remarkable young woman to have gained such insights into yourself at your age…wish I had been so lucky……..sending prayers for wings to your feet at your next event……..go Zara !!!!!!

  2. Ann loffi says:

    It is great u took time again to see and feel what is around u. Most people your age don’t bother. It will serve u well to do this often

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