Staying connected.

"What a small world?!" How many times have you heard someone make this exclamation upon discovering they went to preschool with a friend of a friend's sister's cousin. This concept is also known as the six degrees of separation. The idea that everyone is six or fewer steps, or connections, away from one another. Reflecting … Continue reading Staying connected.

Time to Recover

I had started a post after my last race in Dallas with the intention to deliver a full race report, but I never finished it, and probably would not be able to give a very exciting or accurate recall of race day. What I can tell you is that it was freezing! Air temp was … Continue reading Time to Recover


After Marquee Triathlon two weeks ago, I was bummed to say the least. I tried to keep a positive outlook and take it as a lesson in how to stay composed when things do not go as planned. However, whether or not I wanted to admit it, Marquee hurt my confidence in my abilities, and … Continue reading Redemption