Attitude is Everything

WARNING!! It's a long one! Lot's of pictures at the end though 🙂 This past week has been quite a learning experience for me. I did something pretty stupid. After my race last Saturday in Layton, UT where I took first overall female and third overall. I guess I felt invincible and even though I … Continue reading Attitude is Everything

Staying connected.

"What a small world?!" How many times have you heard someone make this exclamation upon discovering they went to preschool with a friend of a friend's sister's cousin. This concept is also known as the six degrees of separation. The idea that everyone is six or fewer steps, or connections, away from one another. Reflecting … Continue reading Staying connected.

Long overdue

A lot has happened since my last race, because of this I apologize in advance that this post might be a little lengthy... To start with I was in a car accident about four weeks ago. I was traveling legally through an intersection and was t-boned by a woman running the red light. My car … Continue reading Long overdue

Local Yokel

This past weekend I was finally able to do a local triathlon in my home state of Utah. The race was the Stansbury Triathlon out in Stansbury Park, Utah. So I know it's summer, but I'll say it anyways. This race was HOT! The Olympic female wave started at 8:20, and that little lake was … Continue reading Local Yokel