Rise and Shine

Don’t you love the mornings you pop out of bed already smiling and just know that it’s going to be a good day? Starting out with that kind of thinking really helps me to overcome any little obstacles or little life annoyances that may come my way. So after an intense training camp this past week  (all thanks to coach Trista Francis) where I made new friends, pushed myself to new limits and had an absolute blast, it is time to enjoy spring break!!! At least for the next three days. Then it’s straight into race mode… oh who am I kidding? All I can think about is racing at Havasu! That race bug has been persistently nipping at my heels for the past two months. It’s hard trying to stay calm and relaxed when I’m so gosh darn excited, but I  have to focus on saving all this energy for Saturday. Guess that means I better take a day to lay out by the pool. Life sure is wonderful sometimes. I hope that you all decide to have a fabulous Monday too!

Oh and the Mt. Lemmon ride on Saturday was awesome as always. An 8,000 ft elevation change, going from shorts and cacti to every layer you own and pine trees. It makes the plate sized cookies and hot cocoa with whip cream and sprinkles at the Cookie Cabin totally worth it. Here are a few of my favorite photos from the ride with my gorgeous adopted big sister, Gretchen Bruno, who giggled the whole way up and down the mountain with me.

All smiles on the way up, even after we lost the feeling in our fingers and toes.


My “Don’t bother me…I’m riding” face.


Still smiling! Incredible sonoran vistas around every corner and flying on a bike at 40mph, you would have had a hard time not grinning ear to ear too!


4 thoughts on “Rise and Shine

  1. Scott Kohls says:

    Zara – you have a great outlook on life. Don’t change that. Too bad you live in Arizona; I would introduce you to my son! Much success racing next weekend.

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