Drug of choice

My drug of choice is interesting. Sometimes it’s easy to obtain, and other times I work so hard for it that I expect to see my breakfast again. It is this wondrous phenomenon know as the “runner’s high”, and the best part…it’s completely legal! Some of you may have heard of it, and hopefully many of you have experienced it. That superhuman endorphin strength you feel after a seriously detoxing sweat session. This morning’s run was absolutely amazing! Perfect temperature, great running partners, and we hit all our paces perfectly. The only thing I find truly comparable is getting an A on a test or assignment that was earned with hard work and consistent dedication to preparation (don’t worry about it, I know I’m a total nerd). This week definitely did not feel great, I raced hard on Saturday and jumping back in to rev up for next weekend left me feeling pretty toasted. This run showed me that even though the workouts this week felt harder than normal, staying mentally tough and suffering more than a little uncomfortably, totally paid off. No one ever said this would be easy, and if it were, it wouldn’t be nearly as much fun! It’s the consistent challenge of pushing myself beyond my levels of expectation that keeps me coming back for more. After runs like today’s I know that nothing is really impossible, as long as I’m willing to put in the effort needed to get there. Tomorrow is a brand new week. Why not do something you know will take you to your limits? You may be pleasantly surprised when you find yourself beyond them.

Countdown: 7 days till Nautica South Beach! …and 4 days till my 21st!


“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible.” -Walt Disney

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