Time to Rock…a new sponsor!!

A huge shout and thank you to Rockwell Watches!! My new sponsor! If you are looking for a sweet new way to tell time, then you have to check these guys out!

A little bit about this Utah based company:

Rockwell is on a mission to be the most recognizable watch brand in
action-sports. Whether you’re out ripping laps at the local track,
tearing up the local skate park, getting barreled out of your mind, or
rocking the shirt and tie to work, Rockwell is there to back you up, and
make a statement of who you really are. With Rockwell it’s more than
just about telling time.”

Yes, I know, they are awesome!!

Only 6 days till the Philadelphia Insurance Triathlon and in honor of my new sponsor…I’m gonna rock it!

6 thoughts on “Time to Rock…a new sponsor!!

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    You will rock it with or without the watch..that is just who you are…….but WTG on getting another sponsor…but they are the lucky one to have such a talented, smart, and pretty young lady with drive represent them…….keep posting as I love to hear from you…..

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