Back in Philly

Sooo I realize that’s its been over two weeks since my race in Philly and I still haven’t posted about it. Better late than never right? Right.

I was really really excited for this race, training had been going so well and I really did feel that I was ready to absolutely rock it. However, (and here’s a little history for you) the original saying from poet and Scotsman Robert Burns, “To a Mouse” is:

“The best laid schemes o’ Mice an’ Men/ Gang aft agley.”

In English, it means that no matter how carefully we plan and prepare, sometimes things just don’t go how we had hoped. This race went “gang aft agley” for me. Does it mean that I didn’t enjoy racing or participating in the sport I love? Course not, I still raced hard (if my trip to the med tent means anything) and had a blast! I learned quite a few very valuable lessons in this race. For instance the importance of always checking your wheels and brakes to ensure that they are not touching. Also to double, triple, quadruple check and make sure that the screws holding your aero bars are tight. I know that one sounds like a no-brainer and it should have been, but none the less, mine were not. Waiting to check out of transition I had a friend kindly inquire as to why I rode with my aero bars at such a steep incline. My response, “I don’t normally”. At least I was good for a laugh and thankfully only dealt with it on the last 3 or 4 miles of the bike.

I forgot one of the best parts, I got to meet up with the amazing, Scout Bassett!! I met her in Tucson when she came to give a speech for CAF (Challenged Athletes Foundation) at and decided that we had to be friends! Thankfully she felt the same way. The adorable picture is my little grandma Gigi who fell in love with Scout and after the race said she wanted a picture with an adult the same size as her! Love those two!

And since this post isn’t corny enough, here’s another quote for you:

“Fall down seven times, get up eight” -Chinese Proverb


One thought on “Back in Philly

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Glad to have a post to read..always love to read them…………and I sometimes feel I have a gang aft agley life…lol…love when you quote poets and philosphey….think on some levels we are kindred souls…….but the true test of who you are…or I should say who we are is how we handle things/life when it goes gang aft agley…………………and you rocked the test as you always do……………wtg sister……..when are you racing next???????

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