Sponsored by Nathan Sports!

This has been the best Tuesday ever! First I had a great track workout that started with a beautiful pink sunrise…

Track Sunrise

…and then I got the news that I will be sponsored this year by Nathan Sports!!

With the motto push>potential how can I not be ridiculously excited?! Nathan Sports is an innovative leader in hydration and run accessories. They carry an extensive line of water bottles, handhelds, waist packs, and bladder packs. In addition to covering every aspect of carrying water you may conceive, they also care about safety. They promote the Run Safe Initiative, which seeks to encourage runners to carry some form of I.D. wear reflective clothing and if possible even a phone in case of emergencies. They say that a lot of runners still find wearing reflective gear “uncool”.

To be honest it wasn’t long ago that I was one of those runners. However, after a few recent close calls with cars not paying attention and turning into my right of way, I have seriously re-evaluated that sentiment. It is so important for runners and cyclists to take responsibility for their safety on the roads. We have to be defensive and that means doing everything possible to make ourselves visible.

Nathan Sports is a fabulous company and I am so happy to be partnering with them for the 2013 season.

Thank you Nathan Sports!!

2 thoughts on “Sponsored by Nathan Sports!

  1. Mary Ann says:

    Smart lady…saftey gear is a must and can’t even consieve that you could lookly anything but fab……not a dorky bone in your body……..and yes lease please carry ID…can’t tell you of the number of trauma case I do where we have no idea who the person is or who to contact……until we all get chips installed like our pets do……pleas be safe……..

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