This one time at BAM camp…

Oh the shenanigans. Camps with my team are always fun, you always get home feeling like you might have actually been fighting in an MMA ring for five consecutive days (I took this analogy quite seriously, see black eye on Thursday) rather than training for a triathlon. You just have to remind yourself that the lack of oxygen from training 1,500 ft higher will all be worth it next race day. Whether its the lack of oxygen, or the exhaustion from hard training a side-stitching amount of hilarity ensues when this awesome group of people gets together. I was going to attempt to compile a book of all the one liners from camp, but I was doubled over laughing too hard to go get a pen.

There were bazillions of facebook and instagram posts chronicling our journey but here it is in type format with my additional commentary of course.


Swam here in Salt Lake, drove to Boulder. Quick 20 minute shake out run.


a.m.: Run clinic with Bobby McGee in Boulder (!!!!!!!!!!!!) I have heard Bobby’s name ever since I started triathlon and it was so amazing to be able to work with him. There are so many more little things that I can work on in my run to be able to go even faster!

Drive to Colorado Springs

noon: Swim practice at the Olympic Training Center (OTC) in Colorado Springs. We really started camp off right with a set of 5×100 best average (which means as fast as you can go for 5) 100 easy 4×100 best average.

p.m.: We hopped right in the car and drove to the Manitou Springs Incline trail where we attempted to climb it with the Peak Multisport Team. Mother nature had other ideas…it started hailing HARD about half way up the trail. One brave soul from our team made it all the way up. A few of us were going to attempt it once the hail stopped but once the flash flood warning siren came on we decided it would be a good idea to go down.

Post hail storm


a.m.: Open water swim practice at the OTC. So this is where I decided it would be a really good idea to get right on my teammates hip when we were practicing drafting. I did a bang up job…literally. I took his right straight to the goggle on his recovery. It’s finally looking better, kind of.

Black eye Day 3

noon: Next we all suited up for a few laps of intervals around Garden of the Gods. It was a really pretty area, but the roads had been pretty washed out from the storm the night before.

My Twin :)Brake Check

p.m. We met up with the Peak Multisport Team along the river for a nice 50 min trail run followed by a short core session led by our very own Andrew Stasinos.


a.m. Bike skills! We worked on our bike handling skills, mounts, dismounts, and lastly did a few transition practices.

noon: Straight to the OTC for swim practice again.

Last swim at the OTC

p.m. The BAM fam went to a really pretty trail near the Air Force Academy for a nice easy 1hr trail run. Then we went over to Ken’s house, the coach of Peak Multisport, and had a big group dinner.


a.m. 55 mile bike ride around Black Forest Regional Park. It was a gorgeous ride and we only had one flat!!

So I kind of have monkey arms...p.m. The Incline…again. This time we were victorious in our attempt to climb the Incline trail. We had perfect weather and everyone made it to the top.

Top of the Incline


This morning we went to Gold’s Gym for a quick recovery swim and then we all piled in the cars and headed home. It was such a fun camp and thanks to our wonderful coaches, Wesley Johnson, Jen Johnson, and Andrew Stasinos we all learned a lot about ourselves and triathlon. I know that every one of us is going to destroy our next races.

Love you guys!! BAM fam for life!

Next race…Saturday, August 2nd, East Canyon Sprint Triathlon

One thought on “This one time at BAM camp…

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    WTG…. My goodness your energy level just floors me……all that training will have you kicking butt like crazy next race…. Def see a lot of podium in your future

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