To be a family does not mean that you have to be blood related. Friends are the family you choose and here in Utah I am so blessed to have such a big happy family. I call my Balanced Art Multisport team my BAM fam often and it really describes the dynamic of our group. … Continue reading Family


The definition of overachiever as per the Merriam Webster dictionary is this: someone who has much more success than is normal or expected especially at a young age. I have a few issues with this concept. The first is to tell someone that they can "over" achieve. The concept that someone could be too successful, … Continue reading Overacheiver


Fierce is exactly what I want to be, strong, fast, beautiful and unstoppable. Fierce means pushing past your comfort zone. It means doing things that other people can't or won't because they are unmotivated or unwilling. Fierce means putting your 100% into everything you do. It's getting as close to perfection as possible, but it … Continue reading Fierce