The definition of overachiever as per the Merriam Webster dictionary is this: someone who has much more success than is normal or expected especially at a young age.

I have a few issues with this concept. The first is to tell someone that they can “over” achieve. The concept that someone could be too successful, work too hard or dream too big is nonsense! I say if your vision exceeds your reach, grow longer arms! Okay so maybe that’s not really realistic, but by consistently working towards a goal you can elevate yourself to a place where longer arms become unnecessary.

How can we tell people that they are over achieving? Leopold Mozart didn’t tell young Wolfgang at the age of 5, “Hey Mozart! Stop composing will ya? You’re being an overachiever!” Motivation, determination, passion, these are not qualities to be discouraged or belittled by anyone. Being successful is not a bad thing it is something that should be celebrated and encouraged. Limiting a person because of society’s skewed perception of mediocrity is preposterous!

From now on lets just congratulate people on being successful, on achieving great things, rather than talking down to them and telling them that they have done too much, that they have “over” achieved. I can guarantee that when some brilliant mind discovers the cure to cancer we will not be telling them that they over did anything.

And in the spirit success and achieving, check back tomorrow for an update on what I have been up to the past few months since my last post!

Photographer: James E. Clissold

Photographer: James E. Clissold

One thought on “Overacheiver

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    Wonderful to see you posting again…really miss it when I can’t follow your career. Also still hoping to get a visit out of you and your mom……know Gary would love to see you guys as well….still working on you room as well….you have three Chrosmas trees in it this year…..really hope you get a chance to see it

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