At the starting line…

It’s almost time for the race as I head over to the starting line. By now the butterflies have finished the warm up and are performing their full acrobatic routine. Chills snake down my spine and out through my fingertips and toes. My heart beats faster and I can feel the adrenaline pumping. “Be patient”, I tell myself.  I’m getting anxious. Bouncing on the balls of my feet, checking and rechecking: shoes, watch, ponytail, everything is in place. I’m ready, and I know it.

The call goes out, “Runners take your mark!”


I’m off! My focus narrows as I seamlessly slide into the zone. The other runners don’t matter, weather doesn’t matter, I’m only aware of my steady even breathing, keeping time with my feet as they brush the pavement quick and light…it’s go time.

Creating this blog gives me that same feeling of butterflies. Its a new challenge: to put into words, and share my adventures as a dedicated athlete for life.

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