Attitude of Gratitude

The studio where I practice yoga emphasizes a “Word of the Day” for each class. Yesterday the word was: Grateful. The definition? Warmly or deeply appreciative of kindness. Since class I have been thinking about what I am most grateful for in my life, or more specifically, who. Without my mom and grandma Gigi’s support I would not have been able to accomplish even a quarter of what I have today.

It also made me realize that there are many people in my life who care about me. I would like to take this post to say that I am so thankful for all those in my life who believe in me, encourage me and support my goals. Each and every one of you mean so much to me, and your presence in my life means more than you know. Thank you.

On that note I would like to thank my new coach and mentor, Trista Francis, of iTz Multisport Endurance Coaching for allowing me to join her incredible team of athletes. With her help I know that I will be able to accomplish and exceed all my goals and expectations.

I am so excited to start this racing season! First race is coming up soon, Havasu Triathlon March 17th.

Only 16 more days till go time!!

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