21 Years Young

Today has been such an amazing day…and it’s not over yet!! It started with a flight from Atlanta to Miami, where a very nice flight attendant on the plane offered to drive us to our hotel so that we didn’t have to take a cab. Then the concierge at the beautiful hotel my mom and grandma are treating me to for the special occasion, The Betsy, were absolutely wonderful.

First thing when we got to our hotel I ran off and started with a 30 minute shake out run up and down the Miami beach boardwalk followed by 30 minutes in the gorgeous warm clear water. Next it was off to the beach to relax in the sun, okay so I lasted a song before I completely passed out.

A few hours later Mommy, Gigi and I walked down to the swim exit and race finish area to check it out. On the way back I was asked if I wanted to go out jet skiing! Answer: YES PLEASE!! …and he didn’t even know it was my birthday, but of course my mom told everyone on the beach and when I got back, I was serenaded “Happy Birthday” by a group of adorable Argentinian men.

That’s not all…to top it off, when I got back to the room there was a birthday card from the hotel with a bottle of Brut champagne (too be enjoyed sunday evening, post race) and an amazing chocolate mousse tart with fresh berries.

…but the best part about today is still all the sweet birthday and race wishes I received from friends and family. All these wonderful people in my life have made it a truly special and amazing day for me. I’m only 21 years young and just starting out on this exciting adventure called life. Thank you everyone for all your love, encouragement, and support, without which I would not be nearly as confident for Sunday’s race in the prestigious Nautica South Beach Triathlon.


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