Dream come true.

I don’t know why these post race blogs are so hard for me to write. It’s probably because racing is such an incredible experience that simple words can’t really do it justice. Guess I better get used to them though, this is only race #2!

Where do I even start? It was my first ocean swim, first time racing in the elite wave with the elite age groupers and the pros, my first attempt to qualify for my pro card, first race of that size, and ya know what? I did just fine. I took my coach’s advice and the second the horn went off, I “flipped the switch”. Race mode was fully on, I found my zone, and I was not coming out until I crossed that finish line. Did the race go perfectly? Definitely not…and why would I want it to? Then I wouldn’t have had anything to learn from. Like…hold onto my top mounted water bottle over rough ground, so I don’t have to catch it with my forearms, and using some kind of magical powers, save it with my teeth. Or…to stuff my gel in the top of my suit, and not on the side, where it will fall out in the middle of the run. Extremely minor details, because overall, I had an amazing race. I finished 62nd out of 787 people with a 7 minute PR! I was the 2nd Elite Female and 3rd Overall which means… I DID IT!!!

What is “it”? I qualified for my pro/elite card and will be accepting it at the end of this season. I feel that I still have a few age grouper podiums to climb before I start competing in the big leagues.

I have worked so very hard for this, and it is such a wonderful feeling to see all the long hours of training and sacrifice pay off.

Thank you to everyone who believed in this dream, and continue to encourage me as I work towards achieving the next one.

As my good friend Katherine said, “Rio 2016 here you come!”

…but for now I’ll just get ready for race #3. Marquee Olympic Tri in Tempe, AZ: 10 days and counting!

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