2013 Trisports.com Triathlon Team!


I am so honored to be able to announce that I am a member of the 2013 Trisports.com Triathlon Team. This store and the incredible staff have helped me from the very beginning. I remember 3 years ago when I went on my first 2 hour ride, it was only one loop of McCain and back, but I thought either my heart would explode or my legs would fall off…possibly simultaneously. Thankfully, the awesome staff members of Trisports.com rode with us and encouraged me all the way back to the store where I quickly inhaled a bagel or two. That was my first lesson on “bonking”.

Many of my firsts have been with Trisports.com. My first TT bike, my lovely little BH, first wetsuit, first trisuit…Trisports.com has been there for me. Answering countless questions and aiding in my effort to slowly understand the multiple aspects of triathlon. They opened the door into this crazy wonderful world and have been there every step of the way since.

So thank you Trisports.com for giving me the chance to give back to you! I am so grateful for this opportunity and am thrilled to represent such an outstanding organization!

If you are looking for ANYTHING related to triathlon, look no further than Trisports.com, bags, bikes, and goggles galore. With speedy shipping and great customer service you will be glad that you shopped at the official USAT supplier, and the only store I trust with my triathlon gear!

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