Marvelous Monday

For many people Monday marks an end to the weekend, but I like to think of Monday as the beginning of a new week! An opportunity to start fresh and be better at something than I was the week before. It’s life’s version of a mulligan every seven days. This week I want to focus on better hydration, especially now that it’s hitting temps of 90 here in Tucson. Frequently drinking water sounds like such a simple task, which is why it is often overlooked. As an athlete, adequate hydration is critical for productive training, and I know from first hand experience how it can make or break a workout. What do you need a do-over for this week? Happy Monday and cheers to making yourself even more marvelous!

This inspirational quote is brought to you by my cereal box:

“You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream” -C.S. Lewis

Race morning ~ Pumpkin Man Triathlon 2011 ~ Las Vegas, Nevada

…only 6 days till Marquee Olympic Triathlon!

2 thoughts on “Marvelous Monday

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    Understand how you feel, but for me Sunday is my mulligan. To me the week starts with Sunday…at previous job where I did the work schedule the sheets started with Sunday so after 15 years it changed my mind set….thought of it as you said a mulligan but for me it was a rebirth of sprit and clean slate to do better…………….yes you are right to focus on that know only to well that for the body to work at peak performance that you require it has to be well hydrated………my problem would be my pea sized bladder……..have to pee frequently when hydrated…how you deal with it when in race mode is a mystery to me………..good lunch next race……will be cheering for you here…………go team Zara !!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Davis says:

    Zara- How did the Marquee Tri go? My buddy said that he thought he saw you stopped during the bike, did you have a mechanical?
    He did said that you went flying by him on the run, so I’m hoping that you were able to make up sometime.

    If you in PHX again and want to get some biking in let me know. I’m usually out riding with teammates everyday.


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