Now sponsored by De Soto Sports!

Two weeks ago I had the amazing opportunity to fly to San Diego (thank you Mom for working for Delta Airlines) for a day and model De Soto Sport Triathlon Clothing. All I can say is WOW! Tracy De Soto co-owner and designer along with her husband Emilio have created some of the most comfortable triathlon clothing I have ever worn!

I am so excited to test out their trisuit and speedsuit (or wetsuit, temperature pending) at Lifetime Chicago next weekend!

Their wetsuits are revolutionary, not only are they a two piece wetsuit which for a short torso giraffe legged, gorilla armed girl like me is awesome! But they are also…

“First in the industry to introduce limestone rubber into our wetsuits, all T1 Wetsuits incorporate this amazing GreenGoma™ technology. GreenGoma™ rubber offers better stretch, buoyancy, durability and insulation with a more closed cell injected construction making it 98.9% water impermeable. So it is lighter, dries quicker and lasts longer. The only part of the rubber that gets wet is the new stretch liner that is now made up of recycled post-consumer products.”

Sold? Yeah, so am I!

I have to rave about the women’s clothing for a minute, this stuff is ridiculously cute. Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a very colorful person, hot pink, purple, orange…okay so really any bright color. These clothes will not disappoint. The 2014 line introduces a few details that really make this clothing that much more flattering and comfortable. I wish I could share more photos of the clothes with you all, but you’ll just have to be patient (that’s okay, not my strongest virtue either) and anxiously await this new line!


De Soto Swag!

Only 6 days and counting until Lifetime Chicago Triathlon!

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