Spandex, Sweats and Swimsuits

Spandex, sweats, and swimsuits…not exactly what comes to mind when you think of traditional business attire but for a professional athlete its quite apropo. Obviously most of my pictures are of in some variation of running shorts, sports bras, yoga pants, sweatshirts and yes swim suits. When your day consists of going from workout to workout it makes life so much easier and to be honest comfortable. There have been times where I’ve gone three days without a proper shower, oh wait, maybe I shouldn’t admit that. Don’t worry I’ll at least rinse off after a swim, but if I know I have another workout soon after it doesn’t make sense to wash my hair when I’m going to be pouring sweat again. By the time I get home after workouts its all I can do to eat dinner and wash my face before I fall face first into bed. You know its bad when I’m proud of myself for the few occasions I manage to put real people clothes on i.e. something not made of sweat wicking material. There just isn’t much point in putting make-up on or doing my hair when its highly likely that I will only look normal for an hour or so before I either have another work out or I have to go to bed so I can get up and do…you guessed it! Another workout. Where am I going with this you ask? Consider it a plea to reconsider your judgement when you see us athletes out in public or in pictures. We may be sweaty or water logged but That

s just another day in the office, and let’s be real if you look as fresh as a daisy at the end of a long day then please tell me where you work and how do I get my hands on an application? 


Only two weeks till my first race of the season in Clermont Florida! 

A little yoga post run.









One thought on “Spandex, Sweats and Swimsuits

  1. Mary Ann says:

    That first race is in my old stopping ground…wish I could be there to cheer you on………while I totally understand the no make up/ no attention to hair thing……….I go to work and put on scrubs and cover head/face with hats mask that would destroy the work….. and mean less sleep and no morning ride on my staionary bike….so keep hair cut short with a perm that is scrunch and go………….have to hit the shower…..can not stand it untill I wash whatever germ jumps on me at work….almost want to strip in the mud room and drop clothes in laundry hamper before entering the house proper but hate to streak to bedroom and run into whatever vistors may be present…..not sure if any of the people I have refered to your site for nutrional counseling have done so but have been spreading the word likw crazy…….try for an event in VA so you can finally get here for a visit…….hopefully with your Mom in tow…….

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