Happy New Year!!

Okay, okay so I am fashionably late with this one, but I figure everyone read so many New Year blogs on the 31st and 1st that I would give you all a breather.

My last post was quite a few months ago and a lot of exciting events have happened since then. I don’t want to give everything away all at once, because I feel that they each deserve a special post, dedicated solely to espousing their individual awesomeness.

I’ll start with the triathlon stuff since that’s what I think about 16/7. I say 16 because I try to be dead asleep those other 8 hours, because sleep is essential for recovery which helps me train harder and be a better triathlete…okay so maybe it is 24/7.

Drumroll please… I am ecstatic to announce that I am now coached by Wesley Johnson of Balanced Art Multisport (BAM for future reference) right here in the very great Salt Lake City, UT. Wes is a phenomenal coach and mentor. He helped found the Salt Lake City Tri Club, and everyone affiliated have quickly become my second family. It has been so amazing to have such a caring generous community surrounding me as I continue to chase my dream and compete professionally in triathlon.

Since starting with Wes I took 2nd Overall and 1st in my Age Group at the Ogden Valley Tri, 2nd Overall at the Millcreek Cold Turkey 5k (and PR’d the race), and most recently 1st Overall at the Utah Winter Triathlon hosted by TriUtah.

This past weekend we went down to St. George with the Junior Elite Team for a training camp. It was so much fun! Hands down the best training camp I’ve ever done. We trained hard all day with long bike rides in the nice clean air (Salt Lake has been having terrible inversions) on clear roads, did a few stellar swims and ran outside…in shorts! Then once we were all glued to the couch or floor post dinner and foam roller-ing we killed each other. No really, we killed each other playing Mafia and of course we were all dying laughing. Triathletes get pretty silly when they are half asleep after a satisfying day training. I look forward to many more camps with this great group of people.

That’s all for today!

Just kidding! It wouldn’t be a New Year’s post without some kind of resolution.

This year I have to borrow a friend’s status I saw. It is simple and all encompassing.

I resolve to be better than I was last year.

This means a better friend, better daughter, better athlete, better blogger, better student, better nutritionist, and just all around a better Zara.

So to everyone I say a very Happy New Year and may you accomplish everything you have set out to this year and more!

One thought on “Happy New Year!!

  1. Mary Ann Miller says:

    A very happy New Year to you as well !!!! OK I think you think triath 24/7 as you probably dream about it…..and seems we also made the same New Years resolution as well…to be a better version of your self but as for me have a few changes that I need to make to move me closer to that goal……look forward to more post on you future tri ath events…big thumb snaps on your last two events…a big WTG !!!! Very proud of you……..also happy you found a great coach at home so you can stay near your family…….really helps to stay close to your support system…….really hate that I have been so far from mine in Florida……family really helps to keep you grounded…also looking forward to post on your nutritional business adventures…love you girl….

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